Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot in the City

Wednesday I rode on the train into the city with Greta.
When we got to Grand Central she went on to the subway to go to work and I went outside and started to walk toward Penn Station to meet Nadine.
We met on 34th Street between Park and Fifth and then headed over to Bloomberg Tower where Greta was going to give us a tour.
 This was taken outside on the deck
 This was inside on the same level
After our tour we went uptown to Rich's office on 96th and Park and then went for lunch at a delicious Indian restaurant around the corner.   We spent over 2 hours catching up and then after saying our goodbyes, Nadine and I took the crosstown bus to Broadway and then the subway to Aunt Harrie's.  We were there until almost 6 and after dropping Nadine off at 34th for Penn Station I continued to Times Square where I got the already waiting shuttle to Grand Central and boarded the train that was leaving in 5 minutes.
I thought Greta was taking an earlier train but as it turned out, she took the train after mine.  We met at the train station in OG and went home after a long day.

We were supposed to visit Emily the next day but after getting home so late the thought of getting up and driving 3 hours to Philadelphia was not appealing so we cancelled out.

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