Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Coat

I dropped Larry off at the airport for his trip to Orlando and spent a few hours at Marketplace Mall where I finally found a down coat that came down to my knees.  I only had short jackets or long wool coats and wanted one like Greta's that I wore at Christmas that was so warm.
My timing couldn't have been better since it's been so cold this winter and it has been so warm.

From there I went to Bisque & Brush which is the "paint your own pottery store that I started back in the 90s.  They moved from Park Ave to Henrietta and I had bought a Groupon for it so that I would go out there and check it out.  While I was there it started to snow so I didn't stay to paint.  I was glad I left when I did because the driving home was pretty slow and visibility was poor because of the low light and blowing snow.

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