Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Santa left a note for the boys in hopes that it would have some effect for the upcoming year.
Christmas was musical this year. Tucker got drums, two sets. One electronic good for practicing and one big set. Hunter got his guitar at Thanksgiving and Myles got a real piano which was moved with great effort up to the 3rd floor playroom. The adult visitors received invitations to a morning concert. Each one played individually and the grand finale was everyone playing at the same time.


Hunter also was the singer, but Myles wasn't too impressed.
At night we went to Erin and David's for dinner.  The kids made gingerbread cookies.

David was very busy making a delicious dinner while Larry supervised.

Looks like a heavy conversation going on here with the older young people.
We left early the next morning because the next shift was arriving (John was coming in from Florida) and it was a good thing too. A storm was approaching and it did hit later that day. We didn't get anything in Rochester.

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