Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hurd Orchards

We went to Hurd Orchards today for the Autumn Renaissance lunch and lecture.
The lunch was wonderful as usual as was the company.

Loved the centerpiece with the eggplants
Plums with goat cheese, lemon zest,
thyme walnut dressing, drizzled with honey
Salad - YUMMY - dressing had sour cream,
buttermilk and lemon zest among other stuff
Apple cider (frozen from last year) with some Perrier
Oatmeal honey bread and Apple muffins
Beef stew, green beans with mozzarrella an
plum applesauce.  In the stew were Wealthy
apples as well as a variety of other tart apples,
garlic, leeks, raisins, cider, vinegar.  Flour
and sear meat.  Cook in 350 degree oven.
Apple Berry pie

Did you notice the cobweb glistening in the sunlight?  
At least this is in a barn not the living room.


  1. What great photos and I love your commentary on the luncheon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Barb, What beautiful photos! You have a definite talent for capturing nature at it's best! Thank you! Audrey

  3. Do you think about food all the time? When are we going back? Great photos of a fun day with good friends!