Monday, August 9, 2010

Laura Moves

On Thursday I rode through a huge rain storm to get to Laura's. 

We moved out the last things from her old place, (it poured while we were doing that but by the time we had to load the car it had stopped) and unloaded it all at the new.  Then we rewarded ourselves with a drink and dinner at a local pub.  Most of the weekend we spent unpacking, watching movies, a little shopping and of course Zumba Sunday morning.  

 The building in the back is Laura's.
  We slept on the mattress on the floor the first two nights
  Above is the before pics
  After we got a bunch cleaned up we rewarded ourselves with some marintinis  
(really just diet tonic and lime)

By the time I left we had the place in pretty good condition but there was still a lot for Laura to do.

The only tiff we had was when I wanted to borrow some photo albums to scan some of the pictures.  It was a difference of opinion of whose albums they were.  But she let me take them.

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