Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lunch with Terry - June 10

What fun. I met Terry today for lunch at Red Lobster today at 11:30. For almost 4 hours straight it was non stop talk. It took us forever to even look at our menus but we must have taken turns eating and talking. We had the shrimp on a skewer with broccoli and rice, very healthy. BUT, we each did have one of those killer rolls.
After lunch I dropped off a cupboard door at Direct Buy so they could match the color on our way to the Canal to take a walk.

We walked and talked for over an hour. We had so much to catch up on that I don't think we ever finished a topic because one thing would lead to another. We hope to do this again soon and not wait another 4 years.

Pickleball was tonight but I only played a little because my knee was bothering me.

At home, after leftover spaghetti I worked on pictures for my letters book.

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